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Sample Ceremony Scripts

These are traditional scripts that may be customized. 

We can also create something from scratch that reflects the nature of your relationship at no additional cost.

Non-Religious Ceremony (pdf)


Spiritual Ceremony (pdf)


How to Obtain Your Marriage License

  • You may apply anywhere in the state where the ceremony will be performed. 
  • Once issued, the ceremony must be performed within the state that issued it. It is not valid for marriage outside of the issuing state. 
  • Each applicant must appear together and in person to apply for a marriage license. 
  • Filing fees (varies by county but typically between $30 and $80) must be paid when filing for the license. 
  • All applicants must have a photo ID and Social Security card (or another legal document containing their Social Security number, such as a passport or birth certificate). 
  • Resident aliens who do not have a Social Security card will be required to present their resident alien card or a statement from the Social Security Office that you do not qualify for a Social Security number. 
  • Applicants age 16 -17, may obtain a marriage license upon presenting additional information as follows: Certified copy of long form birth certificate; Parent's consent; State issued I.D. (If parents are divorced, the parent with custody must give the consent and produce a certified copy of their divorce decree to prove custody). 
  • There is a twenty -four (24) hour waiting period in South Carolina from the time you apply for the license until the time the license can be issued. After the waiting period has expired, you may return to pick up the license (only one party is required) or you may request it be mailed to you (this varies by county as well). 
  • Probate Court Judges and Staff do not perform marriage ceremonies. 
  • Following the wedding ceremony, your Officiant will sign and have each of you sign all three copies of the license. The Officiant will give you the original (Bride/Groom) copy and the Officiant is responsible for returning the remaining two copies to the probate court within 15 days of the ceremony.  
  • Note that, depending upon the county that you obtain it from, licenses may expire after a set period of time. Many counties, however, do not have an expiration date on their licenses, so be sure to check with the county where you obtain your license from. 
  • No scratch-outs or white-out will be permitted on the license (a new license will need to be obtained in these cases).
  • You may obtain additional copies (for an additional fee) from the probate court after the officiant files his copies with that office.

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